Hey! My name is Bridger Tower.  I'm the owner and designer at Zion Design.  I'm passionate about the convergence of design and experience. Let's build something great together.

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Where I'm From

I have lived in and been to many places. Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico. And most recently I live with my wife in Utah where we love to climb, roadtrip and make art.

Studies + Skills

*Studied Communications, Advertising + Marketing Strategy At BYU
*Certified Google UX Designer + Certified in Google Analytics
*Studied in Design, UX, Content Writing, Web Development, SEO, CRO, Advertising, + Marketing

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What I've Done

70+ Clients Serviced
10+ Full Sites Developed

3 Yrs
/ Running Zion Design Co, a multi-disciplinary design agency focusing on the digital world.
2 yrs / marketing + design for Asili Global
2 yrs / marketing + designing for Incline Marketing Group
2 yrs / design + branding for Brigham Young University
1 yr / marketing + design for Ampry
1 yr / marketing + design for Innovation Exchange

Why work with me?

The question of questions isn’t it? I come pre-packaged with a background in strategy, management, design, and UX creating an intriguing skill set and thought process. I have a strong passion for the field of work I am in and I am constantly learning. I take pride in servicing clients and taking care of their needs. Let’s set up a call, I’d be happy to meet you.

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Let's keep this simple! Ask me a question, request a quote, let me know your ideas. I'm sure we'll make something great together.

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